How to listen to Podcasts on Spotify

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2021-04-10 06:14:27

Spotify is not only an online music service, but also brings you a lot of interesting listening content such as Podcasts. Spotify app gathers many different Podcasts content in many genres for users to choose to listen to right on Spotify. With the audio files you want to listen to again, you can save them to your library on your personal Spotify account. The following article will guide you to read how to listen to Podcasts on Spotify.

Guide to listening to Podcasts on Spotify

Step 1:

At the application interface we click Search item, then switch to the new interface you click Podcasts section.

Step 2:

In this interface you will see a lot of Podcasts topics as well as different audio content items for us to choose, suitable for each age or interest of each person, such as News & Politics, Sports & Entertainment, Lifestyle & Health, Arts & Entertainment …

Step 3:

Click on the topic you want to listen to Podcasts. In each content there will be different episodes for you to choose from. Here, we can click Subscribe to watch the latest Podcasts.

Press play button to listen to this audio file. Also on each file will have the option to save to your personal library.

Step 4:

Click 3 dot icon In each episode will display a list of options as shown below.

File options

Also when clicked Sort button Also shows options to listen to Podcasts on Spotify as shown below.

Arrange listening order


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