How to load Counter Side, Load Counter Side diamonds

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2021-05-19 17:49:42

Counter Side is a new role-playing game that is quite attractive to gamers in this 2021. Previously, when launched in the Taiwanese market, Counter Side immediately became the focus of gamers thanks to its impressive graphics and attractive gameplay.

Still playing the familiar leveling game, gamers can arrange their squad to match the monsters in the game to counter them. This is also the unique point that Counter Side attracts players.

In Counter Side, gamers will have currencies to maintain their activities in the game. Including Gold Coins, Eternal Gold, Diamonds and Admin Coins, besides, gamers will also have additional points such as Gauntlet Points and Season Points to exchange for valuable in-game items.

The currency that you need to load in the game will be Admin Coins, here’s how to deposit money in Counter Side.

How to recharge Counter Side, top up Counter Side card

Step 1: In the main interface, select the 3-bar icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Select the Shop icon in the game’s feature list.

nap counter side

Step 3: Select Admin Coins, then choose a package to load. The number of Admin Coins will correspond to the deposit price below.

nap counter side

Select Buy.

nap counter side

Then confirm the deposit with fingerprint or Face ID, before that, you must link a payment account like Momo or credit card, visa card…

nap counter side

Then from Admin Coins, change to Diamonds to buy other items in the game. Recharging right in the game is very convenient, but compared to the way to recharge on the payment page.

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