How to lock Vietinbank ATM card

How to lock Vietinbank ATM card

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2021-06-16 21:09:12

When you accidentally lose your Vietinbank ATM card, it is necessary to lock the ATM card as quickly as possible to prevent the money being stolen in the card, or used for other bad purposes. There are many ways for us to lock Vietinbank ATM card quickly, depending on your current situation and will be guided to readers in the article below.

1. Lock Vietinbank ATM card via switchboard

This is the fastest way to issue a card through the Vietinbank switchboard. VietinBank call center supports all the problems we are facing, including ATM card lock. When we contact the switchboard, you will be asked for your ID number, account number, card number, open branch, etc. The bank will confirm your information and then proceed to lock the ATM card.

You call the number VietinBank’s call center 1900.558.868 or (84) 24,3941.8868.

2. Lock Vietinbank ATM card via Internet Banking

If you have registered for Internet Banking service, you can log in to VietinBank iPay application on your phone, then proceed to lock the card from the application. In the application interface you click Card Service item then select service Lock card. The system will then ask if you are sure you want to lock the card, click OK to lock the card.

3. Lock Vietinbank card at transaction office

If you do not register for Internet Banking and are close to the bank’s headquarters or transaction office, immediately go to the transaction counter, provide information to the staff to proceed to lock the bank card. At this point you will fill in the declaration that the staff gives you to carry out the procedure. In addition, you can also ask more staff about locking ATM cards.

After you have locked your ATM card, you cannot make transactions through this ATM card, but you can still go to the bank to make transactions as usual.


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