How to look up the bill of lading code VNPost

How to look up the bill of lading code VNPost

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2021-04-26 09:43:45

Checking the bill of lading code VNPost will help customers know the status of their goods, have been delivered or not. Currently, most shipping units publicize the status of the goods so that customers can easily look up through the product code whenever they need it. Previously, we have instructed readers how to look up the product codes of many carriers such as look up the bill of lading code J&T, or look up the code of GHTK. And in the article below you will know how to look up more single code VNPost still.

How to look up the bill of lading code VNPost on the website

First of all you need to find the waybill code of the package you want to look up. Bill of lading code is a sequence of alphanumeric characters, printed under the bar code on the consignment note (this ticket you will receive when sending the goods at the post office).

Each order corresponds to a different bill of lading code.

Step 1:

Next, users access the link below to visit VNPost website.

Step 2:

At the website interface, the user clicks on Item Lookup – Locate at the top of the screen. Then click next Postage locator.

Positioning lookup

Right after that switch to the new interface, let’s Enter your postal code and an extra comma in case of multiple code entry. Then click the magnifying glass icon to conduct look up bill of lading code.

Insert code

Step 3:

Immediately then display all information of the package including packing or not, shipping time, whether the goods have arrived in stock or not … You just need to check the information through this interface.

Show order information

If the Delivery info is displayed with the status Delivered successfully, the recipient information and time of order received will be displayed.


Instructions to look up VNPost orders via SMS

If you want to quickly check 1 VNPost bill of lading code, you can use the same check syntax syntax [Mã vận đơn] to 8176.

Bill of lading code consists of 13 characters. Each text message to look up the code will need to pay service fee of VND 1,000 / message. If the customer only has 1 item code to look up, this method of messaging can be used immediately. If there are many product codes that need to be looked up, using the method of checking via the website will be more convenient and economical.


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