How to look up the results of registration for Covid-19 vaccine

How to look up the results of registration for Covid-19 vaccine

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2021-07-30 02:27:57

Currently, people can register for the Covid-19 vaccine on many different portals such as registering for vaccination on the electronic health book app, registering at the residential group,… Once you are done with the injection, you can check the results of the Covid-19 vaccination application, how the Covid-19 vaccination application status is, whether it has been approved or not, and which injection facility it has been transferred to. All information about registration for Covid-19 injection is communicated to the public, including the certificate of Covid-19 vaccination. The following article will guide you to look up the results of registration for Covid-19 injection.

Instructions to look up registration for Covid-19 injection on the phone

Step 1:

You open the Electronic Health Book application if you register for injections on this application, then log in your account. At the application interface, click Personal section in the bottom corner.

Step 2:

Switch to your information interface, we will click on History of injection registration.

History of injection registration

Step 3:

Now we will see Covid vaccine application form What is the status of the application I sent here.

Injection application form

How to view the results of registration for Covid vaccine on PC

Step 1:

First of all, you access the link below and then at the interface click Search and then select Look up registration results.

Registration lookup

Step 2:

Now display the information interface as below. We will Fill in all the information displayed in this interface. Done filling press the Lookup button as shown below.

Press the Lookup button

Step 3:

You will now see your injection registration information. Status of the application registration is successful. To see how the application is processed, click eye icon in the Action column.

See the processing

Step 4:

We will now see what the application processing is up to the completion of the Covid 19 vaccination registration to receive the Covid 19 vaccination certificate.

Application process


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