How to make Microsoft Edge the default browser on Android

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2021-03-27 03:19:20

Because Android operating system and Chrome web browser are products developed by Google. So it’s not surprising that nearly every factory Android smartphone comes with Chrome pre-installed. This is one of the reasons why many Android users have the habit of using Chrome as their primary browser.

However, if you are a fan of Microsoft Edge (chromium) who regularly use the browser on a Windows PC and want to make it the default browser on your Android phone too, just follow a few simple operation below.

Make Microsoft Edge the default browser on Android

The fact that you make Microsoft Edge the “default” browser on your Android phone means that the operating system will always launch Edge whenever you perform a browser-related task. For example, if you click a link in an email, the link will be opened automatically in Edge.

To make Edge the default browser on Android, first open the Settings menu on your Android smartphone or tablet by tapping the gear icon on the screen. Or you can also access the Settings menu by swiping down from the top of the screen (once or twice depending on the manufacturer) to open the notification drawer, then tap the gear icon.

Next, click on “Apps & Notifications” or “Apps”.

Click on

In the “Apps & Notifications” interface, look for “Default Apps”. You may also need to expand the “Advanced” Advanced “section to find this item.

Click on

The Default Apps section will list all the various actions on the operating system that you can associate with their respective default apps. Click on “Browser App” to continue.

Click on

You will see all the apps on your phone or tablet that can be used as the default browser. Click “Edge”.


Done! Microsoft Edge will now be the default browser on your Android device. Any actions that require the browser will be performed via Edge.


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