How to make online memes on imgflip

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2021-05-14 20:09:53

Memes are now very popular on social networks and are used often with funny, unique and strange memes. To get interesting memes created by yourself, you can use imgflip site to create online memes right on your phone and computer. When accessing the imgflip website, you will be able to choose from many different designs such as creating online animations on imgflip, or making online memes on imgflip. The following article will guide you how to make memes on imgflip.

Instructions for making online memes on imgflip

Step 1:

First of all, you access the imgflip website by following the link below.

Step 2:

At the website interface you click Create then choose next Make a Meme section to make memes.

Step 3:

Now we will see that there are many types of memes for you to choose from depending on the content you want to create later. Click View All Meme Template to expand the meme theme selection interface.

Open the meme interface

Now we will see more memes, or you can also enter keywords in the search bar to select the meme you want faster. Click Add Caption to insert text.

Filter memes

Step 4:

Display the interface to enter text into the meme. You can choose the color for the text according to the color boxes. Click the gear icon to change the font style and some settings.

Finally click on Generate Meme button to create memes.

Enter the script

Step 5:

Soon you will see the meme that you created yourself. We download the image on the browser as usual.

Download memes


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