How to play Axie Infinity for newbies

How to play Axie Infinity for newbies

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2021-06-24 02:10:00

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is not simply a turn-based card game like you often see like many other mobile or PC games. This is a blockchain game, where users can create their real assets on the game.

Players will have to spend money to buy digital pets called Axies in the Pokemon-style game. Use them to fight, raise and collect more Axies, build a kingdom on land.

Instructions to play Axie Infinity

What are Axies?

After downloading Axies Infinity, creating an account, you also need to activate MetaMask, Ronin Wallet to be able to buy Axies on Marketplace. Axies can be called battle and mission pets in the game and perform other features in the game.

Above you can also trade Axies, Land and other items with players around the world.

In addition to trading and exchanging Axies, players can do quests to receive more SPL – an in-game currency in PvP Arena (against other players) and PvE Adventure (story-driven missions). ). SPL can be used to breed your Axies.

how to play axies infinity

As pets, the Axies can be crossed to create new Axies, each Axie can only be crossed 7 times. Each Axie has 6 parts as well as body shape, with each part, an Axie has 3 genes and when crossed, these genes can be passed on to descendants.

Instructions to play axies infinity

Besides, the Axies also have attributes such as Health, Attack Speed, support skills and damage. You will have to arrange an Axies team to balance the above stats so that the team can hit the most effective way.

What is Land?

What is land?

Besides the Axies, Land is another element that players can use to trade in the game and is represented as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Lands are coded plots of land that act as the home and place of activity for the Axies.

Land owners can upgrade with a variety of resources and materials found while playing. Especially they can find AXS tokens on their lands. There are more than 90 thousand lots in Axies Infinity.

land axies infinity

It sounds as simple as collecting Axies, upgrading Lands, trading and selling SPLs on Marketplace. But the money earned from Axies Infinity is precisely this way. The Axies can be worth up to 1 million dollars.

Until now, the developer Axies Infinity is still developing and directing the game to make it the most profitable game in the right direction.

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