How to play Free Fire Max on LDPlayer

How to play Free Fire Max on LDPlayer


2021-06-15 05:14:58

Free Fire Max is a 2nd version of Free Fire with upgraded graphics to better support the gamer’s experience.

This version will require the player’s device configuration a little higher to be able to smoothly experience the maximum configuration of Free Fire Max.

But in addition to the Free Fire Max mobile version, you can play FF ​​Max on PC with Android emulators. LDPlayer is one of the smooth emulators you can experience Free Fire Max on PC. Here’s how to download and play Free Fire Max with LDPlayer.

Instructions to play Free Fire Max, FF Max on LDPlayer

Step 1: Download LDPlayer below if your device does not have it, then start LDPlayer. Select CHPlay and log in your Google account to CHPlay.

Link to download LDPlayer

Then find the keyword Free Fire Max.

free fire max ldplayer

Step 3: Free Fire Max results appear, choose Setting.

free fire max ldplayer

You will have to wait for the game to download, the initial download size is 1GB. After downloading, click Play or go to the main screen and select the FF Max icon.

free fire max ldplayer

Now you just need to go in and choose a game mode like playing Free Fire Max on Mobile. You will see some text shortcuts on the screen that LDPlayer has pre-installed. You can press the corresponding character key on the keyboard to open/select the corresponding feature on the screen.

free fire max ldplayer

Step 4: When entering the game, if you want to change the settings button, click on the change button icon.

free fire max ldplayer

Drag the right-click aiming icon to the position as shown below and press Save.

play ff max ldplayer

Compared to the way to control on Mobile, the way to control Free Fire Max on PC is of course easier. And you can loot more lives than gamers playing Free Fire Max on Mobile.

play ff max ldplayer

Commenting on the smoothness of Free Fire Max when playing on LDPlayer, it can be said that the Free Fire Max experience on this Android emulator is quite smooth. My computer has 8GB of RAM, so it is possible to add a browser, if your computer only has 4GB of RAM. Please turn off browser tabs for a smoother Free Fire Max experience.

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