How to play Sparkling Star: Resurrection

How to play Sparkling Star: Resurrection

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2021-05-10 18:15:16

Sparkling Star is currently a mobile game of love genre for women. In the game, you will transform into a character and participate from the moment you have nothing to become a person with a great influence on showbiz. Then behind the glamor of the entertainment world are buried secrets waiting for you to find out.

The gameplay of Sparkling Star combines small game genres such as fashion, real-life simulation and character management, interaction, connection and dating. A typical type of the Otome game series.

So the gameplay of the game is not completely new, but with a new game, players will always need initial instructions. Although in the game there are also instructions for you to get acquainted with the game in the early stages. And if you need instructions to play this game, you can see the article below.

How to play Sparkling Star: Rebirth

Step 1: First log in to your Sparkling Star account, you can login with your Facebook account, choose the server to enter the game.

Step 2: Put your character’s name in and start the first few steps. You will start the main character’s plot with dialogue lines or choose from pre-set situations in the plot.

Step 3: The activities of the game initially have detailed instructions. Item Companion will be the characters considered your friends, each character will have a special ability to assist you in showbiz activities.

Item Decision there will also be characters in the Companion category but will be more intimate characters. These are considered jobs that help you increase your reputation and commercial value. Based on Decision, you can receive EXP, Gold, Essence or Reputation.

Item Work will be daily activities to help you receive EXP, Gold and Essence of the day.

Along with that are the Change clothes, this will be the place where players mix their character. Item Soulmate will be the item where you are looking for a boyfriend for your character. Dating things and things will help you increase intimacy for your boyfriend.

Besides in-game activities such as Health Care, Beauty, Cooking, Fitness, Entertainment … You can also help your idol actively participate in activities like PK on the red carpet, week Fashion ceremony, Danh Vong gold board, responding to reporters, interacting with fans, building up your image and branding.

In the game, you can also receive attractive gifts with the code Sparkle. Giftcode you can receive during events or on a special occasion on Fanpage.

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