How to post videos longer than 15 seconds to Instagram Stories on Android and iPhone

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2021-06-05 10:41:34

Instagram Stories takes a 15-second video by default, and you can’t keep recording longer videos. So what if you want to post a video longer than 15 seconds? Previously, you would need to use some apps that supported posting videos longer than 15 seconds on Instagram Stories. However, with just a little trick, you can post videos longer than 15 seconds on Story without the need for a supporting app. We will immediately use the video included in the album, similar to how to post videos longer than 26 seconds on Story Facebook. The following article will guide readers to post videos longer than 15 seconds on Instagram Stories.

1. Instructions for posting videos longer than 15 seconds on Story

Step 1:

First of all, you record a video on your phone with maximum duration 1 minute as usual. Then open the Instagram interface to conduct Story video recording.

Step 2:

In the Story interface you swipe the screen upwards to open photo gallery, video on the device. At this point you will find the video I recorded before and then click on that video.

Note, in case you swipe up does not show recent albums, it may be because you have not granted album access to Instagram. Refer to how to fix the error in the article How to fix Instagram lost recent photos or videos.

Select recorded video video

Step 3:

After selecting the video, then Instagram automatically cuts videos into different parts. Each part of the video has editing options, adding content as usual. You can freely insert music into Instagram videos, insert stickers into videos. Click on each thumbnail below to edit the video is to be.

When you have finished editing the video to your liking, press Next button in the bottom right corner to proceed with posting Story.

Step 4:

Finally, you just need to post this video on your personal Story. Video Story will be divided into 3 parts or 2 parts depending on the length of the original video you upload.

If you post a video, you will have to use a pre-recorded video, and if you want to post multiple photos to Instagram Story at the same time, use the photo mode in Story immediately. Refer to the article How to post multiple photos at once on Instagram Story.

In case you want to record videos longer than 1 minute, you can refer to some of the applications below.

2. Post videos longer than 15 seconds Instagram Stories using the app

1. Story Cutter for Instagram (Android)

When it comes to Android, the most effective application will be Story Cutter for Instagram. This is a relatively new app that converts videos into 10-second segments.

Story Cutter

Similar to most photo editing apps for Android, this also works for both saved and live videos. Moreover, using it is very quick and easy.

NOTE: At the time of writing, most of the reported errors have been fixed, and no video has been found to be messed up after processing.

Step 1: Open the app and choose one of the options – Record or Gallery. After doing that, select the video to be processed.

Select Record or Gallery

Step 2: Once the processing is complete, you can view the videos as a story, neatly divided.

Waiting for progressingProcessing is complete

So all you need to do is upload the video to Instagram. Once done, you’ll see that the video will appear as a seamless story. Very convenient, right?

2. CutStory (iPhone)

The version of the Story Cutter app on iOS is called CutStory. Similar to the app above, this tool also splits the video into 15-second segments.


The only difference is that CutStory is not just limited to Instagram. You can also create videos for Facebook, Whatsapp or create a custom timeframe of your choice.

Step 1: To get started, open the app and tap the option Camera roll or Camera.

Select a specific video to load it into the CutStory interface.

Select video

Step 2: Now tap Save and the app will start processing the video.

Click Save

NOTE: The application will detect an error if you switch to other applications while the process is in progress. So keep this in mind.

Step 3: Once done, the video segments will be stored in Photos and is compactly broken down into 15-second chunks.

Videos saved in Photos

All you have to do is review the video and upload each story to Instagram stories.

Here’s how you can post long videos on Instagram Stories. To keep up with the latest trends, take advantage of these great tips and tricks to do more with Instagram Stories.

Good luck!

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