How to process Bitcoin transaction on being Pending in 5 Minutes

How to process Bitcoin transaction on being Pending in 5 Minutes


2021-03-29 07:38:53

Recently, a lot of people when transferring Bitcoin on to other wallet addresses have “Pending” situation, due to the blockchain network being congested by the large daily transaction volume. Therefore, users have to wait from a few hours to a few days to get out of the pending “unconfirmed transaction” status. This article Virtual money blog will guide you how to handle this situation quickly in just a few minutes.

How to process unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain

The reason Blockchain validation delay is probably unknown

Although there is no official announcement about the direct relationship between the above Bitcoin transactions Bitcoin is unconfirmed and the circulation of Bitcoin at present, but it is argued that low transaction costs could be the factor causing this delay. Besides, the fact is that there are still many people self-regulating raising BTC transfer fees to ensure their transactions are attached to the next block using a service like Electrum, and those who let low transaction fees will. have to wait longer.

According to the statistics of Bitcoinfees.21, the fastest and cheapest transaction fee today is 110 satoshis / byte, with the size of a transaction of about 226 bytes a fee of 24,860 satoshis (about $ 0.16).

The consequences of a Bitcoin transfer are pending

When transferring BTC from Blockchain, there is a problem of delayed transaction confirmation, which worries many people, especially those who are new to how digital currencies work. I used to have 2 – 4 day transactions that have not been confirmed by, this delay will affect the value of Bitcoin when you want to sell Bitcoin with good price, because Bitcoin price always fluctuate strongly every hour, every day.

In addition, it also affects the user experience later, when a person regularly uses to transfer money and encounters problems. The blockchain is faultyAs such, they will be disappointed, leading to not wanting to use it for other purposes in the future, and at the same time affecting businesses looking to attract users to use Bitcoin.

How to push the pending order in the blockchain

Note: Encourage everyone to use regular transaction confirmations. This is just how to handle a situation Bitcoin transactions are pending within 24 hours to 48 hours and still not confirmed.

Step 1: First, you guys access After that, copy and paste your trading order into the box as shown below, then press “Enter

Open your Blockchain wallet

Step 2: You click on “Details of transaction”

Click on transaction details

Step 3: On the transaction url you add the following HEX: ? format = hex

Add formathex after the url

Step 4: Copy the entire sequence of digits

Copy the entire number sequence

Step 5: Tru visit this site:, then paste the entire sequence of numbers above the frame.

Paste the entire sequence

Step 6: Finally, choose the SUBMIT TRANSACTION command

Successful Blockchain validation

Update: In addition to placing orders on Blockchain, you can post them on the pages below. Still copy the command to get the hex code and paste it then submit.


Ok. The above are the things that I usually do to handle the pending situation on the Blockchain when moving BitcoinIf you are having problems, you can use this method. Hopefully the article will bring exactly the information you need and help you get rid of this annoying problem. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below I will support. Good luck.

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