How to protect television, refrigerator, washing machine from moisture in the spring season

How to protect television, refrigerator, washing machine from moisture in the spring season


2021-04-06 22:17:01

During the humid season, electronics and refrigeration devices often flicker or fail due to too high humidity in the air. If you know how to handle humidity in the house, the devices will avoid the above conditions. Check out some of the tips we cover in this article!

Avoid places where water is prone to stagnation

Places that easily collect water in the house are floors, walls, glass … For refrigerators and washing machines, you should buy stands and racks to avoid direct contact with the floor. When placing TV, refrigerator and washing machine, you should place it about 10cm-30cm away from the wall so that the air can circulate and help the device dissipate heat better.

Maintain use

Although there is no need to use it, you should also keep the TV, refrigerator and washing machine stand by for a certain time, do not turn off the power. When in standby mode, these devices do not turn off completely, so they generate heat and will save energy. As for television, you should turn on 10-15 minutes a day, limit standing water.

Close the door and turn on the air conditioner / dehumidifier

Many people think that if the floor is wet and wet in the humid sky, open the door to allow the wind to dry quickly. However, this makes the situation worse and the television, refrigerator, and washing machine are more at risk of damage.

Ideally, you should close the door and turn on the dry mode of the air conditioner 2.3 times a day, about 10-15 minutes each time. You should not turn on the Dry mode all day, as there will be no humidity in the room, causing your skin to be chapped and respiratory failure affected.

In addition to air conditioning, you can use a dehumidifier to absorb moisture, maintain a stable humidity level, improve humidity, prevent mold growth, and protect TVs, refrigerators and washing machines.

If you have doubts between dehumidifier and conditioner, you can refer to a comparison dehumidifier and conditioner.

Thus, with only simple methods, you have helped appliances such as televisions, refrigerators and washing machines avoid the mold in the spring season. Good luck!


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