How to receive Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone offers during the distance?

How to receive Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone offers during the distance?


2021-08-05 20:27:08

Thus, the current carriers have implemented a program to give away free minutes or reduce package prices during the time of implementing the distance according to the directive from the Government starting from August 5. Depending on the region, each location, each carrier will have completely different data or voice calling incentives. Below is a summary of incentives, as well as how to receive incentives from Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone carriers during the distance.

Instructions to receive Viettel offers during the quarantine period

With Viettel subscribers, the operator will automatically add the offer to your main account without having to compose a registration message. Customers who are eligible to receive voice calling incentives from Viettel network will receive a message as shown below.

We will receive 50 minutes of on-net calls within 30 days since receiving this message.

Or you can Call *102# to check the offer as well as the expiration time of Viettel voice calling offers.

Check offers from Viettel

Instructions for receiving Mobifone voice calling offers

With Mobifone accounts to receive a voice calling offer of 50 minutes of on-net calls for 30 days, you will need text CS50 to send 999. Those who are eligible for the promotion will have a message as shown below sent to the phone number.

Mobifone offers

Then you just need to compose a message to receive the offer. Immediately 50 minutes of on-net calls will be added to the main account.

How to receive Vinaphone offers during the epidemic

Also from August 5, Vinaphone has implemented a program to support people to reduce telecommunications charges, especially people in provinces and cities who are implementing the 16th social distancing directive.

  • Free 50 minutes of calling (within-network VinaPhone and VNPT landline) for all VinaPhone prepaid and postpaid subscribers in 23 provinces implementing CT16.
  • 50% data capacity of the package, unchanged price: for all customers nationwide.

Note to postpaid subscribers: normally the package renews from the 1st of every month, but the promotion is implemented from the 5th of August. Therefore, postpaid subscribers will enjoy promotions when renewing the new cycle in September. The above support programs will be applied from August 5, 2021 and last for 3 months.

Vinaphone offers


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