How to record a video Facebook inserts a custom background

How to record a video Facebook inserts a custom background

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2021-05-05 05:50:47

Facebook also provides users with many effects for us to take photos or record videos on Story. In this article, we will introduce to readers the Green Screen effect, choose the background according to the user’s preference to record videos and take pictures on the Story. The green screen effect will help you to remove the real background scenery instead of a green background, then we choose any image in the album as the background for the video or photo posted to Facebook. The following article will guide you how to take a video, choose a background image on Facebook.

Guide to video recording Facebook chooses the background

Step 1:

At the Facebook interface, the user clicks on News section to record video. Then the user clicks Selfie section to choose shooting and photo effects.

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface, users drag to the right to the last and then click Magnifying glass icon. This will take you to the effects gallery interface we clicked on Green Screen effect.

Step 3:

You should now see the effect with a green background, Click Add media file. Display the album on the phone, you tap the wallpaper we want to choose as a photography font. Wallpaper can be enlarged or reduced by shooting open to zoom.

Step 4:

Then we just need to take a selfie or record a video to include in the background we chose earlier and you’re done. After taking pictures, you can add sitcker, sound or other content you want. Finally, we post videos and photos on Facebook Story.


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