How to record calls on phone, PC?

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2021-03-23 14:30:02

Call recording on Zalo will help us find important calls for later purposes. By default, Zalo or other messaging apps do not have the option to record calls due to personal security features, but if you want, you must install additional call recording applications on Zalo. The following article will guide you to read how to record calls on Zalo.

1. Guide to call recording Zalo PC

To record calls on Zalo PC, users will use the Recorder tool available on the computer. Note that you need to check whether the microphone connected to the computer is working properly, can play sound or record your voice or not.

To check if the microphone connected to the computer works or not, follow the article below.

Then open the Voice recorder tool on Windows 10 to record.

In the Zalo interface on the computer, we click on the person who wants to make a call and then click the phone icon to make. At the same time, you also click the microphone icon on the Voice recorder app to record the call.

Then the recording tool will perform the voice recording process for the call on Zalo.

Call recording Zalo

2. How to record calls Zalo on the phone

With Zalo on your phone, you are forced to use applications that support call recording feature. These apps will more or less interfere with your Zalo calls so we need to consider them when using.

Call recording on Zalo Android

On Zalo Android, you can install the Call Recorder app – Cube ACR follow the link below.

The application features call recording on the phone and some other applications including Viber, Zalo, Zoom, Skype and Facebook. You install the application according to the link above and then consent for the application to access the necessary permissions.

Next you just need to open the Zalo application and conduct a phone call, also need to agree to record calls on Zalo. Cube ACR application will automatically record the call we are making and display in a list as shown below.

The recording will display the person we call on Zalo. Also when clicked 3 dot icon Then select the Zalo account name of the opponent, you will have the option to turn on and off automatic call recording if needed.

How to record calls Zalo iPhone

To record calls on Zalo iPhone, we also need to use applications that support call recording feature. You can refer to the article 3 easy ways to record a call on the iPhone.


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