How to record TikTok videos with Face Features effect

How to record TikTok videos with Face Features effect

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2021-07-23 19:48:52

Face Features effect TikTok will embed your face into any device you want and we can move our mouth to create a talking object effect, which is also the main content of the Face Features effect this. You can embed faces into objects and then post videos on social networks to follow trends on TikTok. The following article will guide you how to record Face Features effect videos on TikTok.

Instructions for recording Face Features TikTok videos

Step 1:

At the interface on TikTok you click center plus symbol to conduct video recording on TikTok. Switch to the video recording interface you click on effect store icon on the left as shown below. At this point you will find Face Features video recording effect same picture.

Step 2:

Next we will click on plus symbol to choose an object background image video. We can take existing photos or live photos to record videos. After selecting the background image, you will see your face attached to the object. Press the center button to start recording video.

Step 3:

We can choose the duration of TikTok video recording 3 minutes if we want. After recording, click the check mark to save. You will now see the option to insert into video such as sound, sticker, text,… Once inserted, click Next to post the video to your personal TikTok account.

Video posted to TikTok account with Face Features effect as shown below.

Video Face Features


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