How to recover a deleted Story on Instagram

How to recover a deleted Story on Instagram


2021-03-28 23:08:53

Recover Deleted Instagram Stories is a new feature updated on the social network, quite similar to the iPhone album recovery feature in about 30 days. Previously deleted Stories cannot be recovered, unless they appear in archive after 24 hours, if Instagram Messages archive mode is enabled. Now you can completely retrieve all accidentally deleted Instagram Messages for a maximum of 30 days. Thus, if you accidentally delete the Story, you can get it back quickly, via the item saved Deleted Messages on Instagram. In addition, this new feature also supports you to get back images if deleted. The following article will guide you to retrieve deleted Instagram Stories.

Instructions to get back deleted Instagram Stories

When you click delete, the Story will display a message about the recovery as shown below.

Step 1:

At the interface on Instagram you click 3 dash icon then choose to continue Setting in the displayed list.

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface you enter Account section then select the next item Recently deleted.

Step 3:

Now you will see Believe that I have deleted, click Believe, and then tap Other items as shown below. When the option is displayed, click Restore. Now there is popup displayed, click Restore.

Step 4:

Due to the first time performing the Private restore, Instagram will need users verify account by choosing to send the code to your phone or email. Enter the receive code enter the interface and then press the Confirm button.

Step 5:

In addition to recovering Messages, you can also recover deleted photos from Instagram. We also enter Recently Deleted item and see deleted images. In the image interface you also click 3 dots icon and select Restore To retrieve deleted photos on Instagram is done.

Video instructions to restore Instagram Story


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