How to register CS120 Mobifone package receive 4GB / day

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2021-05-10 13:08:39

CS120 Mobifone package is a package for pre-paid sims of the network operator, with huge incentives for the whole month, in addition to data for us to access the network, accompanied by a comfortable incentive to listen to calls. Mobifone prepaid SIM has many attractive packages with many different incentives for you to choose from, suitable for each audience and different needs. The following article will guide you how to register CS120 Mobifone package.

Instructions for registration of CS120 Mobifone package

To register CS120 Mobifone package, you Text KH1 CS120 and send to 9084. The package has price 120,000 VND / month since customers successfully register the package.

After registering the package successfully, you will receive a number of incentives including:

  • 500 minutes of on-net talk, 50 minutes off-net.
  • 4 GB / day of high-speed data, equivalent to 120GB / month.
  • Free data access to ClipTV and applications, 1 account to watch the contents of the standard Family package on ClipTV, log in and watch at the same time on 2 devices at the same time.
  • Free data access reading service
  • When customers are in Hanoi, if they use up the capacity of the package, Internet connection will still be open.
  • When outside Hanoi, if the package is used up, the low-speed lower bandwidth system will almost not connect.

Notes of CS120 Mobifone package:

  • Each cycle of the system renewal package plus 30 days of use for customers.
  • Fee will be charged directly to the main account of the subscriber.
  • Fee arising from call and SMS service is calculated according to the type of subscriber that the customer is using according to current regulations of MobiFone, or according to the other package registered by the customer if any.
  • CS120 package and long term packages are subscribed to use in parallel with other data base packages.


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