How to register D30S Vinaphone package to receive 30GB / month

How to register D30S Vinaphone package to receive 30GB / month


2021-03-23 22:52:38

The D30S Vinaphone package will provide customers with a 2-in-1 incentive combo that includes data used to access the Internet and call minutes for users to contact. D30S Vinaphone package is for those who need to use within 1 month, long days, with attractive incentives for you when you have to travel far. Currently, the D30S Vinaphone package also has a cycle of 6 months or 12 months if you have a need with price incentives. The following article will guide you how to register the D30S Vinaphone package.

Instructions for registration of D30S Vinaphone package

To subscribe to the package you compose a message DV D30S sent to 1543. Currently, the package is only applied to customers who receive SMS messages to register for the package. You can write CTKM message to 900 to check if you can subscribe to this package.

Current package priced at VND 52,000 / time (price applied when you sign up for 6 and 12-month packages) and can be used within 30 days from the time of registration. After successful registration, you will receive incentives including:

  • 1GB of data / day of continuous use for 30 days with the total discount from the package is 30GB.
  • When the day’s high-speed offers are used up, the system will automatically disconnect from the Internet.
  • Receive 30 minutes of off-net voice calls and 1500 free domestic calls for on-net calls.

Other messaging syntax:

  • To check 4G capacity, write DATA to 888.
  • To control the rest of free voice calls, text TRACUU D30S to 900.
  • When you want to stop the package, write HUY D30S to 900.


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