How to register D500V VinaPhone to receive attractive offers

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2021-06-02 22:18:52

D500V VinaPhone package offers customers attractive incentives in addition to data incentives, but also incentives for entertainment content on the phone. Accordingly, the package has a huge capacity to use within a month so that you can comfortably communicate with relatives and friends. Besides, Vinaphone operator offers you incentives to use and access entertainment channels on your phone. The following article will guide you how to register for the D500V VinaPhone package.

Instructions for registering D500V VinaPhone package

To sign up for a package you text D500V or DK D500V send to 888. Packages with price 600,000 VND/year since the registration is successful and deducted directly from the main account. The package is applied to all active VinaPhone subscribers and new roaming subscribers receive an invitation to join the package from the Vinaphone switchboard.

The incentives you receive when registering the package successfully:

  • 6GB/month, applied for 12 months.
  • Free 100% data charge to access MyTV application with 140 unique and attractive TV channels.

Note when registering the package:

  • Package is automatically renewed when the commitment period expires.
  • The expiry date of the package depends on the expiry date of the main account. If the main account is locked, the customer cannot use the remaining benefits, the customer must make a deposit to continue using it.

Lookup messages:

  • Check the capacity and calling minutes of the package in use: TRACUU D500V.
  • Cancel package: HUY D500V.


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