How to register for MobiFone FD50 package to receive 75GB/month

How to register for MobiFone FD50 package to receive 75GB/month

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2021-06-05 07:33:56

FD50 MobiFone is a new package of MobiFone network for customers who have long-term usage needs, with attractive data capacity. This is an economical data plan of the network operator, when you have a large data capacity at an affordable price. So we can freely go online to serve our needs. In addition, FD50 MobiFone also has a 3-month, 5-month package if customers need it. The following article will guide you to register for FD50 MobiFone package.

Instructions for registering FD50 MobiFone

To register for FD50 MobiFone package, you text ON FD50 to 9084. Packages with price 50,000 VND/month since the package registration is successful.

Currently, the package applies to Fast Connect prepaid, postpaid and new roaming subscribers nationwide from April 10, 2021.

After successfully registering the package you will receive offer 2.5GB/day equivalent to 75GB/month. The package’s data offer is added once a day, not cumulative. Data added by day, if not used up, will not be preserved.

When the data is used up, the system disconnects. FD50 package has an auto-renew feature after the end of the cycle when your account has a minimum of 50,000 VND. Therefore, if you do not want to renew the package, you need to cancel the FD50 MobiFone package before the renewal period. In addition, you can refer to the package 3FD50 (150,000 VND / 3 months), 6FD50 (300,000 VND / 6 months) and 12FD50 (600,000 VND / 12 months).

Other message syntaxes:

  • To check the remaining 4G MobiFone capacity, write KT FD50 to 789
  • To cancel MobiFone FD50 package completely, compose HUY FD50 and send it to 789


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