How to register for SVIP30 Mobifone unlimited entertainment package

How to register for SVIP30 Mobifone unlimited entertainment package

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2021-07-29 16:16:25

In addition to data packages, or with voice calls, current carriers also deploy many different types of packages, such as Mobifone’s SCTV Data package, including SVIP30 package. Users who sign up for the SVIP30 Mobifone package can enjoy entertainment with SCTV’s broadcast channels, along with receiving additional data usage within a month. If you are someone who likes to watch entertainment programs, you can register for the SVIP30 Mobifone package according to the article below.

Instructions for registering SVIP30 Mobifone package

To register for SVIP30 Mobifone package, you compose a message DK_SVIP30 send 999. Packages have price 100,000/month since the package is successfully registered.

The package is currently applied nationwide for prepaid and postpaid MobiFone subscribers, excluding Fast Connect (individual, corporate)/Fast Connect Zone/MDT subscribers. After successful registration, you will receive benefits including:

  • Access unlimited data when accessing website and SCTV application.
  • 3GB Internet access out of the package.
  • Watch 80 domestic and international HD channels: VTV channel, HTV channel package, THVL channel package, VTC channel package, VTVcab channel package, local TV channel package, 24 featured channels SCTV, XN, Cartoon Network , CNN, BBC, Fox Sports, Fox Sport 2, Discovery,…
  • 15,000 hours of entertainment with SCTV’s copyrighted VOD content.

To check the remaining data capacity of the package, compose a message KT SVIP30 to 999. If there is no need to use it, compose a message HUY SVIP30 to 999, then press Y to send 999 to confirm and complete the process of canceling the package. This 4G.


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