How to register for the ECOD50 Viettel package to receive 3GB/month

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2021-07-03 20:45:42

ECOD50 Viettel is a package for those who have little need to go online, do not need a lot of data capacity to watch videos or entertain. Currently, the package applies to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Viettel, so everyone can register for the package to use. In case you want to use a data package with an appropriate capacity to use within 1 month, long days, do not need too much data capacity, you can refer to register for the ECOD50 Viettel package in the article below.

Instructions to register for ECOD50 Viettel

To sign up for a package you text ECOD50 985912220 to 9123. Packages with usage price 50,000 VND within 30 days since the successful registration of the package.

Conditions of subscription package:

  • Applies to both prepaid and postpaid Viettel subscribers who receive an invitation to register from the network operator. You can check if your subscriber can subscribe to the package by dialing *098# or accessing the My Viettel app.
  • The main account when registering must have a minimum of 50,000 VND.
  • Dcom subscribers cannot register for the ECOD50 package

After registering for the ECOD50 Viettel package, you will receive offer 3GB of high-speed data for 30 days for prepaid Viettel subscribers or the end of the month for postpaid subscribers of Viettel later. Out of 3GB of available space, stop accessing. The package has an auto-renew feature when the cycle expires, if the main account has a minimum of 50,000 VND.

Other syntaxes:

  • To cancel the service, you text HUY to 191.
  • Syntax to cancel the package without reservation of remaining incentives, compose HUYDATA and send it to 191.


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