How to register GV119 MobiFone to receive combo data, voice calls

How to register GV119 MobiFone to receive combo data, voice calls

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2021-05-29 01:19:27

GV119 MobiFone package is a package to receive preferential combos including access data and number of voice calls so that we both have data to access the Internet and have minutes to make calls comfortably. This is a new package of Mobifone network operator and has been studied by many subscribers to register. In addition, this MobiFone GV119 package also has the option of long-term subscription for 3 months, 6 months for those who need long-term use. The following article will guide you to register for MobiFone GV119 package.

Instructions for registering GV119 MobiFone

To register for MobiFone GV119 package, you text ON GV119 to 9084 gửi. Packages have price 119,000 VND use within 30 days from the date of successful registration of the package.

The package is currently only applicable to those who are invited to join the package from the network operator and only applied in Ho Chi Minh area.

After successful registration, you will receive benefits including:

  • Offer 3GB/day high-speed data.
  • Promotion 500 minutes of on-net calls MobiFone.
  • Free 30 minutes of Mobi inter-network calls.
  • Unlimited data capacity when accessing Galaxy Play app and, 1 account viewing Premium package content on Galaxy Play (1 account can be logged in on 5 devices and is allowed to watch) on 2 devices simultaneously).
  • Free 3GB high-speed data to access Viber.

Notes when registering the package:

  • When the 3GB/day offer expires, the system disconnects. You buy more 4G MobiFone capacity to continue accessing the Internet at high speed.
  • When the call minutes expires, additional charges will be charged according to current regulations.
  • The package has the feature of auto-renew after each cycle.
  • To check the remaining offers, compose: KT ALL to 999.
  • Cancel the renewal feature: KGH GV119 to 999.
  • To cancel the package when you no longer need it, compose: HUY GV119 to 999


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