How to register HDP100 MobiFone to receive combo data, voice calls

How to register HDP100 MobiFone to receive combo data, voice calls

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2021-06-09 12:59:33

MobiFone HDP100 package will provide you with both data capacity and call minutes for free. Then we can both use data to access the network, for the purposes of work, study or entertainment of our close friends. With free minutes, you can comfortably stay in touch with family and friends. Currently, the combo packages of MobiFone network operators are being deployed a lot for customers to choose to register to serve different needs. The following article will guide you how to register for HDP100 MobiFone package.

Instructions for registering HDP100 MobiFone package

To register for HDP100 MobiFone package, you text ON HDP100 to 9084. Packages with price 100,000 VND and use within 30 days when the user registers the package successfully.

Currently, HDP100 MobiFone package applies to all MobiFone prepaid and postpaid subscribers, but does not apply to MobiFone Fast Connect subscribers. After successfully registering the package, you will receive the following incentives:

  • 3GB of high-speed access. When 3GB data is used up, the system automatically disconnects.
  • Free 100 minutes on-net, 30-day cycle. When using up 100 minutes of free on-net calls, the system will charge according to the usual regulations.

Other syntaxes when using the package:

  • Check remaining capacity: Write KT ALL to 999.
  • Package has automatic renewal feature, to cancel renewal: Compose KGH HDP100 to 999.
  • Cancel the MobiFone HDP100 package completely, compose HUY HDP100 and send it to 999.


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