How to register to download PUBG New State, pre-register PUBG New State

How to register to download PUBG New State, pre-register PUBG New State

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2021-04-22 08:29:14

PUBG: New State, also known as PUBG Mobile 2, will be released to gamers by the end of this year. This is a completely independent version of the current PUBG Mobile version of Tencent.

The game will be set in 2051, a time of anarchy when many factions are fighting with each other. You will see a series of new weapons, vehicles, new maps … Along with that, the game’s graphics will be upgraded to a high level.

Currently, the homepage of PUBG: New State has officially registered in advance. Currently, PUBG New State for iOS version will soon appear, you can pre-register PUBG New State Android using the link below.

Register to preload PUBG New State, sign up to download PUBG Mobile 2

Step 1: First you must have the Kiwi VPN app, please download the link below or go to CHPlay and find the application name. Then click Optimal Location as shown below and select the country of Korea (Korea).

Download Kiwi VPN for Android

If the connection is successful, Kiwi will display the interface as shown below.

download pubg state

Step 2: Next go to the app Setting, go to the Application and Notifications section or Manage Applications, depending on the model. Once in the list of apps available on your device, find the Google Play Store. Remember to exit CHPlay if it is running in the background.

Step 3: Next select Memory and cache and clear all memory in CHPlay. Outside, re-open CHPlay, if you see there is a Korean game as shown in the picture, it is already successful.

If you do not convert Korean, please login to add a Google account to CHPlay and select this new account. Click the avatar icon next to the line Search for an application in the main interface CHPlay to add your account offline.

Step 4: Then find the keyword PUBG New State and select Pre-register is done. Can choose to continue Installed when the app is released.

New information updated: It is possible that Krafton will not officially release PUBG New State at Vietnam, China and India for many reasons. If there is information to download PUBG New State ad will update more for you.

The game publisher has also stated on the PUBG New State download registration page that there will be a reward for those who pre-register PUBG New State. Although not detailed yet, gamers will have a limited skin (permanently).

download mobile pubg 2

In this new version, the Battleground mode will remain the same with 100 players on a map called TROI with an area of ​​8x km. There will be plenty of future-style vehicles on this map.

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