How to register U900 Vinaphone to receive 3,000GB/6 months

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2021-07-10 07:50:44

U900 Vinaphone package is a long-term package with huge capacity within 1 month and within the subscription period of the package. With such a huge data capacity, you can comfortably go online to watch videos or make video calls with family and friends. However, not all Vinaphone subscribers can register for this package. Below is an article on how to register for U900 Vinaphone package.

Instructions to register for U900 Vinaphone package

U900 Vinaphone package is a package for EZcom Vinaphone sim, so those who are using this sim can register for a package or have just switched to EZcom sim, they can choose to register for this package.

The package is currently being deployed nationwide. To sign up for a package you text U900 to 888. Packages have Price 900,000 VND to use within 6 months since the package registration is successful. Users only need to register once for the package and use it within 6 months.

After successfully registering U900 Vinaphone package, you will get 3,000GB of high-speed data for 6 months, equivalent to 500GB used within 1 month. When the offer is used up, the system will disconnect the access until a new offer is added in the following month.

Other syntaxes:

  • You can check the remaining data traffic of the package through the syntax: DATA to 888
  • U900 Vinaphone package has an auto-renew feature after the end of the 6-month cycle, if you do not need to renew it, please cancel via the syntax HUY U900 to 888 to stop using it.


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