How to reopen previously visited locations in Microsoft Teams

How to reopen previously visited locations in Microsoft Teams


2021-05-13 18:31:12

If you regularly use Microsoft Teams to communicate with friends, colleagues or partners, you will find your Teams interface quickly turn into a “mess” filled with groups, channels, tabs, chats. and online meeting. At this point, it seems quite difficult to remember or reopen a location that you have visited.

However, in Microsoft Teams there is a dedicated “visit history” list, which lists the 12 most recently visited locations on your Teams account, as well as returning to visited locations. most recent. This feature is especially useful in the event that you need to access a file again or review a message you sent not long ago.

If you are familiar with the back and forward arrow buttons (navigation arrows) in a web browser, then this feature from Microsoft Teams will work similarly. It’s right in the top left corner of the Teams window that you sometimes won’t notice.

Usage is also extremely simple, you just need to click on the arrow “”(Smaller mark) to go back to the nearest location you visited in Microsoft Teams. Otherwise, just click on the button “>”(Larger mark) to return to current position.

What about the 12 most recently visited locations? By default, the menu “History“Will be hidden. To see it, simply hover your cursor over the navigation buttons above, and the system will automatically display a menu of the last 12 locations you visited.

History menu

Click on which one you want to visit, and it will be opened immediately. Sometimes, using this History menu can get you back into a team or channel on Teams much faster.


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