How to reset Windows Terminal to default settings

How to reset Windows Terminal to default settings


2021-05-23 06:48:47

Windows Terminal allows you to customize a variety of setup options. This is also the highly appreciated element of this tool. However, if you have made too many changes to Windows Terminal and want to return to the default installation state, how? ,

In this case, you can completely reset Windows Terminal to default settings with just a few simple steps.

How to restore Windows Terminal to factory settings

Unlike many other applications on Windows 10, Windows Terminal does not have a specialized option for you to reset the installation state of the software. Instead, users will have to manually delete the previously added installation files to return the program to its original default setup state.

First, open the menu “Start, search for keyword “Windows Terminal” and click on the corresponding app in the returned results.

In the Windows Terminal window, click the down arrow icon and select “Settings“.

Select “Settings”

When Windows Terminal asks how you want to open the installation file, select “Notepad“from the list and click”OK“.

Select “Notepad”

When the installation file opens, press the key combination Ctrl + A to black out the entire file content. Then press Backspace to delete all this content.

(Warning: If you want to keep the custom settings, make sure you copy them to a new Notepad document before deleting. Thanks to that, you can restore your settings easily later).

Delete the entire file content

Your settings file is now empty. Click File > Save in Notepad to save this blank file.

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<p>Exit Windows Terminal and access it again.  The application will notice that your settings file is empty and will automatically create a new settings file with default values.</p>
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