How to search for any keyword on a Mac

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2021-07-03 23:48:03

This article will show you how to search for any word or keyword phrase in almost any program or application on your Mac. Along with that is how to use the Spotlight feature to search all programs and files from a single search engine.

How to “Ctrl F” on Mac?

If you’ve ever used Windows, you probably already know the magic of the “Ctrl F” shortcut, which opens a search bar on any window. For example, you want to find a certain word in a wordy article? Just press “Ctrl + F” and enter the keyword.

macOS also supports the same search feature, only the shortcut key to activate it will be “Command+F“. Usage is as follows:

First, navigate to the location where you want to find the word, phrase, it could be a web page, or on the interface of any text editor.

Then press Command + F on the keyboard. Immediately, a search bar will open in the window of the program you are using.

In the search bar, type the word or phrase you’re looking for. The number of matches returned will be displayed in the top right corner. In addition, the corresponding words or phrases will also be highlighted (bold).

Scroll through the results by pressing the Return button on your keyboard or clicking the arrow keys next to the search bar.

Advanced Search with Spotlight

The “Command+F” tool is useful if you are executing a search query in one program at a time. But what if you want to scan all the programs and files on your Mac from a single search engine? Let’s use Spotlight.

Spotlight is basically a smart search feature built into macOS – possessing a much more powerful search ability than the default search engines on many other operating system platforms. Usage is as follows:

1. Open Spotlight by pressing the key combination Command + Space Bar. The Spotlight bar will immediately appear on the screen.

Open Spotlight

2. In the Spotlight bar, type the word or phrase you’re looking for.

3. The returned results will appear in the drop-down menu below the search bar. Click on the result you want to open (or use the arrow keys and button Return).

Click on the result you want to open

You can also browse a list of all the results that match your search query by scrolling to the bottom of the list, clicking Show all in Finder to open a Finder window. Then double-click the result to open it.

Click Show all in Finder

In addition to the usual keyword search, Spotlight also allows you to quickly launch all applications on the system, as well as perform queries to any object, from files, folders … to suggestions. news, sports scores, weather forecast.


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