How to see the phone number Viettel is using

How to see the phone number Viettel is using


2021-03-29 14:06:35

Just like looking at Vinaphone’s phone number, with a Viettel phone number, you also have a separate check for those who cannot remember your phone number. In fact, the fastest way to check the phone number you are using is to call someone else’s number, but in case your phone runs out of money and doesn’t have enough money to make a call, you can’t make a call. If so, you can refer to some ways to find out what phone number Viettel is using in the article below.

Option 1: Look up the phone number of Viettel via SMS

To check Viettel’s phone number by message, you can compose SMS and send it to switchboard 1414, the message is free. The operator will then send a response message to the customer with information about the phone number, along with information about the customer who registers the phone number itself, including name, date of birth and ID / CCCD number.

Option 2: View the phone number of Viettel through the switchboard

Viettel supports the switchboard for customers to call to check the carrier’s services, including checking personal phone numbers. You can Call 19008198 or 198 to listen to the counselor.

Note, when calling to this switchboard, there will be a fee of 100 VND / minute.

Option 3: Check Viettel’s phone number via USSD code

To check Viettel’s phone number, you can enter directly on the keyboard * 101 # then press the call key for a prepaid subscriber or * 098 # then press the call key.

The system will send your subscriber information. Note that checking phone numbers Viettel via USSD can only be used with some subscribers.


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