How to see who is good on my Facebook

How to see who is good on my Facebook


2021-03-24 19:17:45

Who often visits your Facebook page is a question that many people are interested in, when you want to know someone has a crush on you, for example, someone who cares about you when always visiting your personal Facebook page. Usually, we will rely on someone’s likes, comments on Facebook posts to know how they pay attention to us. But for those who silently follow you on Facebook, we absolutely cannot check through heart drops or regular comments. The following article will guide you to check who regularly logs into your Facebook account on your phone and computer.

1. How to check who is good at Facebook on your phone

Step 1:

At the interface on the Chrome browser on your phone, click 3 dot icon then choose Website for computers.

Step 2:

Next you access the social network Facebook on your browser and then log in to your personal account as usual. The Facebook interface will now switch to the Facebook interface on the computer. We click on the arrow icon and select the account name to enter Facebook personal page interface.

Step 3:

Click the browser address bar to edit the URL, You will add view-source: in front of the Facebook address as shown below. Click OK to access the interface.

Visit the source code page

Step 4:

After entering the new interface, click next 3 dot icon then choose Find in page.

Find it on the Facebook page

Now show the search bar and you enter the keyword buddy_id into the search box at the top of the window. As a result, you will see many sequences of numbers 1000xxxx formatx. This is it the address of the people who visit Facebook your.

Find a Facebook address

Step 4:

We will copy this sequence of numbers and then open another tab in the browser, Accessed under the format Instantly display regular Facebook accounts on your personal Facebook.

2. How to check who on Facebook you on PC

Step 1:

At the Facebook interface on your computer, right-click and select See page source or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U.

See page source

Step 2:

We are also moved to the new interface containing the Facebook source code. Press the key combination Ctrl + F to open the search bar, then you enter the keyword buddy_id. The result we also see the 1000xxxxx numbers as shown below.

Enter the keyword buddy_id

Step 3:

Copy this code and then access address in the browser. It will then display your regular Facebook account interface on Facebook.

Facebook account


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