How to send a sticker to celebrate the new year 2021 on Messenger

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2021-05-08 06:03:04

In the welcoming atmosphere of Tan Suu 2021 weaving on each street, each family, the king of Facebook also expressed his “joy” for a coming new year with stickers to celebrate the new year of Tan Suu 2021.

This unique New Year sticker set includes pictures of 12 stylized, artistic colors. There are also New Year’s greetings in different languages, such as Chinese, Korean, … This sticker set will definitely give users a vibrant, colorful atmosphere of Tan Suu 2021.

Instructions for sending stickers to celebrate New Year’s Day 2021

Step 1:

Sign in your Messenger account. At the interface of the chat window, click smile icon. Then, in the reading interface, click on the reader plus symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Add stickers for Messenger

Step 2:

We will be transitioning to the sticker interface for Messenger. Users will find it sticker Lunar New Year Please. To find stickers faster, you can type the sticker theme name into the search bar. Then click arrow icon at sticker on Lunar New Year offline.

List of Messenger stickersSticker Lunar New Year Messenger

Step 3:

Click Next Download to download this Lunar New Year sticker set for Messenger. This sticker set is completely free for users. When you see the message Downloadedyou press Done button to return to the chat interface with your friends.

Download sticker Lunar New Year MessengerChat interface on Messenger

Step 4:

Now send a New Year sticker to your friends. This sticker set takes pictures of 12 animals, the Lunar New Year as the main theme. Each armor is designed with artistic and outstanding colors. Alternatively, we can also choose the Happy New Year sticker but in different languages.

Send Tet sticker

Quite interesting, right ?! A colorful and unique New Year celebration atmosphere is shown through the Lunar New Year sticker set on Messenger. Hurry up and download the sticker set to celebrate Tan Suu 2021 on Messenger.


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