How to set a custom timer on Apple Watch

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2021-05-23 08:52:14

You want to set a countdown timer when you’re doing an important job, need to carefully calculate the time, Apple Watch can easily help you do it with just a few simple setup steps.

How to use the quick timer on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch’s built-in Timer app gives users quick access to frequently used timer settings. Just pick up your Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown button. Then, open the Timer application from the grid or list view on the application screen.

Here, you’ll see 8 circles that correspond to the preset timers on the Apple Watch, with levels ranging from 1 minute to up to 2 hours (scroll down with the Digital Crown to see more available timers) . Just click to choose a timer that suits your current needs to get started.

Choose an available timeline

You can now press the Digital Crown to return to the main watch face. If you want to cancel the timer in use, just open the Timer app again and tap the “Cancel” button.

When the timer runs out, Apple Watch will give a vibration response with a notification sound (if your Apple Watch is not in Silent mode). At this point, you just need to pick up the watch and press the “Stop” button on the screen to stop the timer. If you want to repeat the timer, tap the “Repeat” button.

Press the “Stop” button on the screen to stop the timer

How to customize a timer on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Timer app also lets you set and save custom timers yourself. You can access custom timers that you use frequently in the “Recent” section of the Timer app.

First, open the Timer app on your Apple Watch and scroll to the bottom of the app. Here, you click on the yellow “Custom” button and start customizing the timer (you can set the hours, minutes, and seconds as you want), and click the “Start” button. You will see the countdown timer you just set appear on the screen.

Customize the timer

When the time runs out, press the “Stop” button. You can also pause or cancel the timer from the Timer app.

The next time you visit the Timer app again, you’ll find your custom timer under the “Recents” section.

Recently used custom timer

How to customize a timer with Siri on Apple Watch

The fastest way for you to set up a custom timer on Apple Watch is to use Siri virtual assistant.

On Apple Watch, press and hold the “Digital Crown” button to bring up Siri. Or, if you’re using a newer Apple Watch (Series 3 or later), just bring your Apple Watch close to your mouth and say a command to activate Siri.

Press and hold the “Digital Crown” button to bring up Siri.

Once Siri has been activated, clearly read the time period that you want to set as the timer. For example, you could say, Set a six-minute timer”. Siri will immediately confirm that your timer has been created and is ready to use.


In case you want to see how much time you have left on your timer, just ask Siri: “Show my timer”. You can also stop the timer at any time by saying “Stop my timer”.


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