How to share your screen in Google Meet

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2021-05-02 07:33:54

How to present on Google Meet via Chrome

You can share your screen at any time during the call with Google Meet. The Chrome web browser has a ton of screen change options. You can use Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari for the same experiences.

1. Press Present Now at the bottom of the toolbar.

2. Select Your entire screen, A window or Chrome Tab from the pop-up menu.

3. Next, select the Chrome window or tab you want to share. You can share an application window, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Excel, a web page tab, or a PDF file.

4. Press Share.

5. To stop sharing, press You Are Presenting> Stop Presenting.

Share your screen with a presenter

You can share your screen while someone else is giving a presentation, their screen pauses.

1. Click [Tên] is presenting.

2. Select Your entire screen, A window or Chrome Tab.

3. A pop-up will pop up confirming you are trying to get screen sharing permissions. Click Share now.

4. Select Share.

Join Google Meet just for presentations

If you’re giving a presentation during a meeting and don’t need to participate in other activities, you can go just to share the screen. You will not appear on the camera, only your screen will be displayed.

1. Go to the page Google Meet and press Present.

2. Highlight a window or application.

3. Press Share.

How to share a screen in the Google Meet app

The screen sharing process is similar when using apps on Android and iOS.

1. Join the call.

2. Tap the screen and select a menu Horizontal three dot icon.

3. Select Share screen.

4. Press Start Sharing> Start now (or Start Broadcast on iOS).

5. To stop sharing, press Stop Sharing.

Screen sharing via a web browser other than Chrome

In addition to Chrome, Google Meet also supports Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. However, each web browser has different presentation options in Google Meet.

  • Full screen sharing is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • Single-window sharing is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
  • Sharing a tab in browsers is supported on Chrome and Edge.


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