How to shoot a video of TikTok filter bride

How to shoot a video of TikTok filter bride

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2021-05-15 03:26:10

If you browse through Facebook groups, you’ll see a lot of posts grafting faces onto photos of the bride. With TikTok, you do not need to use any complicated image editing applications, but will transform into a bride right away, through the bride filter on TikTok. You will become the bride with gorgeous, beautiful wedding dresses. This effect will change the wedding dresses continuously every time the video is used using the effect, along with the makeup for the bride also changing flexibly. The following article will guide you how to record a bride effect video on TikTok.

Instructions for shooting a bride filter video on TikTok

Step 1:

At the TikTok interface, we first click on Discover section below to access the interface of emerging effects on TikTok. In the search bar above, you enter keyword Wedding Dress then click on the first result below.

Step 2:

In the effect interface we press the red button to use effects and conduct video recording. The effect will ask you face directly, then proceed to record videos on TikTok as usual.

Step 3:

After recording the video, click on the tick icon to use and continue to edit the video with effects and other content displayed on the interface. We can add effects, color filters to the video, insert stickers. Finally, you upload the video to your personal TikTok account with the optional video hashtag.


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