How to show or hide the bookmark bar in Firefox

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2021-05-13 01:53:58

To help users always have quick access to the web pages they have saved (bookmarks) easily, Mozilla has integrated in the main Firefox interface a bookmarks toolbar at the top. screen. The bookmarks bar will contain a series of saved websites that users can quickly access with just one click.

However, if you do not have a need to use this bookmark bar, you can also completely hide it to further optimize your display space. How to do it as follows.

First, open Firefox on your Windows, Linux, or Mac PC. In any Firefox window, right-click an empty space in the tab bar or toolbar. In the menu that appears, point to the “Bookmarks Toolbar” section. If you want to hide the toolbar, select “Never Show”. On the contrary, in case you want it to always be visible, just click on “Always Show”.

(Tips: Alternatively, you can also choose “Only Show on New Tab” to specify the toolbar to appear only after opening a new tab. After you click on a link in the toolbar or visit a specific website, the bookmark toolbar disappears.).

Besides, you can also enable or hide the bookmark toolbar using Firefox’s custom menu. To do so, first, click the menu button near the top-right corner of the Firefox window and choose “Customize”. On the Customize tab, click the “Toolbars” button in the bottom left corner and choose “Bookmarks Toolbar” from the pop-up menu. Now, just choose one of the three options you want: “Never Show”, “Always Show”, or “Only Show on New Tab”.

Select one of the options

If you choose to activate your bookmarks toolbar, you will see it appear just below the address bar in the main Firefox interface. With that said, you only need to click once to access any of the websites listed on this toolbar.

Bookmarks bar

You can add new bookmarks to the toolbar by selecting the “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder when saving a web page. At the same time, you can also drag and drop items on the bookmark bar to rearrange their position, or right-click and select “Delete” to delete any item.


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