How to strikethrough text in Google Docs

How to strikethrough text in Google Docs

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2021-08-01 21:52:27

Inserting dashes on text is an infrequently used effect, but an essential component in any word-processing application, and Google Docs is no exception.

What does the text strikethrough effect mean?

This effect is often used during editing or collaborating on a document, when the editor wants to emphasize a section of text that has been omitted/no longer valid, but does not want to remove them from the paragraph. document. For example, when you want to mention the old selling price and the new selling price of a product, you can insert a dash above the old selling price to highlight the difference between the new selling price.

Also, if you’re collaborating on a document with others and want to emphasize the text that needs to be removed, you can apply a strikethrough effect to that text. Because if you delete the text, others may not know what changed.

Besides, this strikethrough effect is also often used in to-do lists. Crossing off items on your to-do list instead of deleting them allows you to visualize what tasks you accomplished during the day.

Learn how to strikethrough text in Google Docs now.

How to apply strikethrough effect to Google Docs text

To get started, open the Google Docs file that contains the text to which you want to apply the strikethrough effect. Select the desired text by clicking and dragging your cursor over the text. This text will be highlighted in blue.

Select text

You can now apply a strikethrough effect to text using two different methods: Using the text format tool or via keyboard shortcuts. To use the text formatting tool, click the tab “Format” (Format) on the toolbar.

Click the “Format” tab

Hover your cursor over the “Text” (Text) in the drop-down menu. A sub-menu will appear. Here, click the option “Strikethrough” (Dashline).

Click option "Strikethrough”

A strikethrough will be applied to the selected text.

Dashes will be applied

Alternatively, you can also apply a strikethrough effect to text with a handy keyboard shortcut. For Windows 10 users, select text by clicking and dragging the cursor over it, then pressing the key combination Alt + Shift + 5. If you are using a Mac, press the key combination Command + Shift + X. Immediately you will see a dash line appear on the selected text.

That’s all, wish you have a satisfactory text format!


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