How to take screenshots with keyboard shortcuts and Zappy

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2021-03-30 07:19:41

To take a screenshot on a Mac, we can immediately use the capture key combination, but if you want to annotate to the screenshot, you will use the photo editing software. In this article, we will guide you to take screenshots of your Mac using keyboard shortcuts and the Zappy app, which has a built-in note-taking feature for screenshots. The app also has a screen recording option if you need it. Let’s follow the Mac screenshots below.

Screenshot Macbook with keyboard

On macOS you can take a picture full screen or just a certain part. The Mac screenshot is then saved automatically to the desktop.

Take a screenshot of your Mac’s full screen

  • Press Shift + Command (⌘) + 3.
  • Find screenshots in the .png file format on the desktop.

Capture part of screen preferences on Macbook

  • Press Shift + Command + 4, the mouse pointer will change to a cross.
  • Move the cross over the area where you want to start capturing the screen, drag it all the way to the area to capture. While dragging, hold down the key Shift, Option or Space to change the way the selection moves.
  • When you have selected the area to take a screenshot, release the mouse or trackpad. To cancel, press the key Esc before you release the mouse button.
  • Screenshot is saved as file .png on the desktop.

Capture a menu on a Macbook

  • Click on the menu to display the contents of the menu.
  • Press the key combination Shift + Command + 4, the mouse pointer will turn into a cross.
  • Drag the mouse to select a menu.
  • Release the mouse or trackpad to capture the screen. You also press the key Esc if you want to cancel the photo.
  • Find menu snapshot as .png on the desktop.

If you only want to capture the menu content but do not want to get the name of the menu, when the mouse pointer turns to a cross, you press the key Space, the cursor will turn into a camera, move this camera over the menu to highlight it> click or trackpad to capture the menu.

Display the screen capture menu

Keystrokes Shift + Command + 5 is a relatively new shortcut, introduced in macOS Mojave (2018), pressing this combination will bring up a small panel at the bottom of the screen with different screen capture options.

Two video recording buttons allow you to record full or partial screen. On the left is X to close the screen recording options panel, or you can press the key Esc to exit.

On the right side is the button Options. This button allows you to choose where to save the screenshot or set the standby mode (5-10 seconds) so you can organize things using the tool.

Capture the Touch Bar on macOS

You can refer to detailed instructions in the article: How to take a screenshot of the Touch Bar on a Macbook.

If the computer screen capture features available on macOS are not satisfying, then try some more macOS screen capture software to see how.

Take a screenshot of Mac using Zappy

Step 1:

We download the Zappy application under the link below as a zip file, then proceed to extract and install the application on macOS.

After the installation is complete is displayed icon in the menu bar at the top, click on the icon and then click Log in or Sign in to create an account.

Step 2:

After creating your account and logging in, click Gear icon in the top right and then select Settings from the list displayed.


Display application setup interface. Here the user can Select shortcut to take pictures screen, default is Command + Shift + 1.

Select a shortcut

Step 3:

Next, use the shortcut you chose to cTake a screenshot on macOS. Display a frame so we drag to the area where we want to take a screenshot. The screenshot size will show up just above so we know. The edges can be adjusted to change the size of the photo area.

Screen capture

Step 4:

To write notes or draw pictures In the photo, click the arrow icon to draw an arrow in the bottom corner of the captured image frame.

Draw arrows

If you want to add drawing tools or use other shapes, click triangle icon next to the arrow icon. Now display the menu with the options as shown below.

Notes menu

Step 5:

When you have selected the area and write a comment, press Camera icon for shooting. If you want to record a video, click the camera icon.

Shoot, record video

Step 7:

Click Gear icon to adjust the quality of photos, video format.

Choose quality, format

Above are 2 ways to take screenshots on Mac. If you just need to take a regular screenshot, the first way is the easiest. If you need to add photo editing features after taking them, you should install additional software like method 2.

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