How to tie a beautiful, simple bow

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2021-03-31 23:03:47

Here are the ways to tie bow for shirts, skirts, shoelaces, scarves … beautiful and simple, invite you to refer to know how to tie the bow, make your outfit more beautiful.

1. How to tie a bow tie

A beautiful little bow on the shirt will make her outfits more unique and graceful. The way to tie the bow is very simple:

Step 1: Keep the two wires straight, don’t make it kink.

Step 2: Put two wires diagonal, the left wire (green) put on the right wire (pink).

Step 3: Put the green wire threaded up the neck from the outside to the inside.

Step 4: Put the green rope around the pink cord and bring it down to the right side, while keeping a fold to make one side of the bow.

Step 5: Put the rose rope around the neck, then pull it down to create a knot in the middle.

Step 6: Fold the pink cord to make the other side of the bow, thread the ribbon of the pink cord through the knot created in step 5.

Step 7: Adjust the knot so that the two sides of the bow are even, beautiful and firm.

Beautiful bow tie shirt

2. How to tie the dress

Tie a skirt at the waist to help your girlfriend become more feminine and tender.

Tie a skirt at the waist

Step 1: Adjust two wires equally, straight and neat.

Step 2: Cross the two strands, so that the one on the left (1) is on top of the right thread (2).

Step 3: Line 1 is threaded upwards, into the waistline, then straight down.

Step 4: Fold the rope 2 to create a bow on the right side, place it below the rope 1.

Step 5: Keep your hand right in the middle of line 1 intersecting with wire 2, bring down wire 1 to create a knot there.

Step 6: Fold rope 1 and pass it through the middle of the knot to create a bow on the left side. Tightening and adjusting for a nice bow is fine.

Tie a beautiful dress bow


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