How to top up Legendary Bao Bao card, top up BBHT

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2021-06-29 11:42:08

Legend of Bao Boi is a game that attracts many gamers who like Pokemon and turn-based fighting game genre.

The reason BBHT has a large number of players on the first day of the game’s launch is because Legendary Bao Boi impresses players with modern 3D graphics. Different from the current 2D graphics Pokemon-themed turn-based games.

Beautiful skill effects, a diverse number of Pokemon with many different types and attributes will let players freely explore Pokemon with many different squads.

Like many other games, Legendary Bao Boi also supports giftcode players. You can receive the code Bao Boi Legend via fanpage or participate in game events to receive BBHT code.

But just giftcode is not enough, in addition to the rewards and money received from the giftcode, you can also top up Gosu and exchange it for diamonds or buy VIP. Here is a guide to top up Legendary Bao Boi.

How to load Legendary Bao Bao diamond

Top up Gosu to Gosu Pay account

Step 1: Visit the link to load GOSU below, log in to your gaming account. Next, choose the form of loading GOSU that you think is the most convenient.

Step 2: If you have an Internet Banking account, you can choose Direct Deposit. In this form of top-up, the conversion rate from cash to Gosu is 10,000 VND = 105 GOSU. Highest in the form of recharge GOSU.

Select the recharge package corresponding to the amount, then enter the phone number, select the bank you are using and press Payment confirmation.

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Step 3: In the next interface, you will receive the account number, account holder and transfer content. Please transfer the amount corresponding to the top-up package, please copy the transfer content in the section Specifying content (including GOSU account ID and phone number).

Then wait for confirmation from support staff. When the support staff confirms that your account has been added GOSU to the GOSU Wallet, please check if the number of GOSU added to your account corresponds to the loaded package.

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Exchange GOSU for diamonds in Legendary Treasures

Step 1: After you have loaded GOSU, please go back to the main GOSU recharge page by following the link below. Choose Legendary Treasure.

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Step 2: Select the server and character you want to load diamonds into. Below, choose the package to convert GOSU to diamonds and click Payment confirmation on the right.

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With the Card Pack, you will have to spend more GOSU to redeem a weekly pass. After you have selected the diamond recharge package, you just need to confirm the information and convert Gosu to the selected diamond.

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Top up Legendary Bao Bao diamonds directly in the game

If you have a credit card account or MOMO wallet link in your iTunes or Google Play account, you can directly click on the “+” next to the number of diamonds you currently have. Then just select the amount of diamonds to load, confirm the deposit and wait for the payment system.

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In addition, you can choose to load gift packs in the Gift Voucher, which will contain valuable items.

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Compared to the way to load through Gosu’s website, loading the Legendary Bao Bao directly in the game will give you more options than the web recharge package.

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