How to top up Play Together, recharge Play Together

How to top up Play Together, recharge Play Together


2021-08-09 22:44:42

Play Together PC or mobile can be a vegetarian game, but many of you will still choose to recharge the game to get what you want quickly without spending a lot of time plowing. achieve.

How long does it take you to fish in Play Together before you can buy a house, or do daily quests or do NPC quests to buy a house or a car?

Besides, the latest Play Together codes are also a way that players can get more money or other in-game items. Or receiving compensation after trying to enter Play Together when blocked also helps players get more gems and star money. Here’s how to top up in Play Together.

How to load Play Together gems, load Play Together diamonds

Step 1: Currently, there is no official Haegin recharge channel on the web platform. So players still have to deposit via the official deposit options in the game. Touch the number of gems you have.

Step 2: The first is the product packages for you to receive eggs, gems and many items with gems such as eggs, fishing rods, cars … plus many other things.

play together

Step 3: The Gems tab will be the main loading place. Please select the amount of gems to be loaded into the account corresponding to the levels below.

play together

Then confirm purchase of selected diamond package.

play together

You can link your payment account with your icloud account before accepting payment for the purchased diamond package. Or a bank card account or more convenient, you can use the MOMO wallet to link the account.

play together

Above is how to load gems in Play Together on iOS, with how to load Play Together gems on Android. You also choose an in-game recharge plan and make payments via payment links with your Google account.

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