How to translate text in photos into multiple languages

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2021-05-25 07:44:46

The Translate Me application on Windows 10 will help us translate the content in the image into many other languages ​​quickly, without you having to perform additional operations to export content from the image with the tools to extract the content in the image. just translated content. Then we will immediately get the content in the language of your choice without having to do anything. The following article will guide you how to translate text in photos into other languages.

Instructions to translate text in photos with Translate Me

Note to readers, this application currently only applies to English text in photos.

Step 1:

First of all, download the Translate Me application for Windows 10 according to the link below.

Step 2:

Next, display the application interface with the default input image language being English. Then you can select output translation language for images depending on the intended use.

Now display the languages ​​for the output, click on the language you want. Here will be an example with Vietnamese.

Select output language

Step 3:

After you have selected the output language, click Load images to upload images, or drag and drop images into the application interface.

Download images

As a result, we have immediately got the Vietnamese translation from English in the image you uploaded.

Language Translation

You can immediately change to another output language by clicking on the current translation language. The content results will be translated into the new language without us having to repeat the operation from the beginning.

Switch to another language

We can black out the translated content for copying and other purposes. Basically, the translated content is quite close to the original, but you also need to edit the content to get an accurate translation.

Change the output language


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