How to turn a photo into a coloring photo

How to turn a photo into a coloring photo


2021-03-22 14:04:31

Turn the pictures taken from the camera into coloring images, you can color your images right on the screen of your smartphone or tablet device or print the picture on paper for the children to color.

To do so, you need to have a filter application that turns your photos into coloring images. Colorscape will be the application that can help you do this.

With Colorscape, you can take pictures of anything, anyone or any landscape and turn them into a coloring image. How to turn photos into color fill you see the steps below.

How to create a coloring photo from a photo taken with Colorscape

Step 1: Download Colorscape and launch it, then in the main interface select Tap to get started and select an existing photo from Gallery or select a camera to take a picture. I choose the camera and when done, select Use Photo.

Download Colorscape for iOS

Step 2: On the Edit Outline tab, you can choose the below image sharpening versions. Switch to the Color tab you can choose the types of pens to color and the colors you want to paint. Under the pen icon is an eraser, if you want a quick color fill tool, you can select the icon in the lower right corner after upgrading to Premium.

Step 3: Once you are done editing, select Done in the upper right corner and select the photo filter and select Save Image.

You can take the best pictures and print them out for the kids to draw. This will make it easier for your baby to color than paint on a smartphone.

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