How to unlock iPhone with voice

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2021-06-06 04:06:35

iPhone has provided a way to unlock iPhone by voice through the Voice command feature available on the device, in addition to unlocking iPhone by setting iPhone password or FaceID on iPhone. Then you just need to set up the command to open the device and the feature to automatically enter the password that you have set up on your iPhone. The following article will guide you how to unlock iPhone by voice.

Instructions to unlock iPhone by voice

Step 1:

First of all you press Install then choose next Accessibility. Switch to the new interface, click on the item Commands.

Step 2:

Now you click Setting Voice Commands already Enable Voice Commands to use iPhone voice control.

Next we click Customize commands then click on Custom already select Create new command. We enter English command want to use in Phrase section so that the iPhone can listen and follow, then press Actions under.

Step 3:

Switch to the new interface, click next Run custom gesture. Now you need touch the position of each character in the unlock password on the screen it’s correct to record the task select Save.

Click New command to go back to the interface press the Save button in the upper right corner to complete all setup operations.

Step 4:

Now you lock the device then turn it on and Press the Home button to display the password input interface. We will say set command and the iPhone unlock password is automatically entered.


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