How to use Apple Watch to find iPhone

How to use Apple Watch to find iPhone


2021-03-25 01:43:39

If you accidentally leave your iPhone somewhere but can’t remember it. The fastest way to find your iPhone is using an Apple Watch. The article below will show you how to find your iPhone using the Apple Watch.

To search for iPhone using Apple Watch, you have to go to the section “Settings” on Glance screen Apple Watch.

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If Glance screen of the Apple Watch is off, turn it on by clicking the button Digital Crown (the control knob next to the watch) until Glance screen appear. Then swipe from bottom to top to access Glance screen.

How many apps do you install on Apple Watch and set the quantity Glance Apple Watch will display as many items as possible. If Apple Watch doesn’t show up Settings then swipe from left to right until you access the item Glance at the left end.

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Glance screen swipe

On the part “Settings” screen Glance, lightly tap on the icon with the iPhone. Then you will hear the ringing on your iPhone, your task is to listen and locate the ringing sound to find out where you left the phone.

Select phone icon

To return to the home screen, press the button Digital Crown (the control knob next to the watch).

On newer iOS versions, the above operations will look like the image below:

How to find iPhone using Apple Watch

Note: If your iPhone is already connected to Apple Watch and within range, you can use this method to find your phone.

Good luck!


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