How to use Avatarify celebrity face transplant

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2021-04-12 01:25:28

The Avatarify app is a deepfake app that helps you change your face into the face of anyone, or even a celebrity. The app uses algorithms to analyze your facial movements and then blend them into other people’s portraits. Especially different from previous deepfake applications, Avatarify has the ability to change faces in real time and does not need to use thousands of input images. In particular, you can also use the Avatarify camera on Zoom or other webcam software, similar to the Snap camera that makes tech easier to read. The following article will guide you how to use Avatarify.

1. How to use Avatarify on iOS

Step 1:

For iOS devices, you just need to click on the link below to download the app and install as usual.

Step 2:

At the interface on the application, we will need to agree to the application Access to photo albums on the device. Next at the main interface you Click Library to choose an existing face photo, or click Camera to take pictures directly.

Step 3:

After taking pictures, will display celebrity faces for you to change your real face expression. When you are finished you will be able to choose to create video with quality as below.

Step 4:

You wait for the video creation process on Avatarify to complete. As a result we will see his face change according to the expression of the character we have chosen. Click Save to download.

Download video

Step 5:

In addition, the user can choose Live mode to change your live face to someone else’sbased on your expressions and actions.

We agree to the application camera and mic access on the device. Then give your face in the correct white frame until it is displayed in green, it means it has been correctly identified.

Next to you choose the character we want to use the face below and then proceed to record the video is finished. When recording, you can also make other facial expressions.


2. Download the application Avatarify for Android

With Android devices, users are forced to download the Apk file. You click on the link below to download the Apk Avatarify file to Android and then proceed to start the file.

In the first interface you Click the arrow at Become whoever you want with then click on right arrow. Press continue until displayed Personal email fill interface.

The app will then ask you Enter Pin code is sent to the email address.

Note, the time to receive the email activation pin code will be quite long, take a few hours or even days, so you need to consider it when using.

Enter the pin code


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