How to use Beijing (RAW PIC) app to edit photos in Chinese style

How to use Beijing (RAW PIC) app to edit photos in Chinese style

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2021-07-14 20:34:08

Chinese photo editing apps are now loved by many young people with lovely models and novel photo and video editing filters such as Xingtu photo editing app. In this article you will know more about Beijing 原 片 (RAW PIC) application, face retouching with many tools to make it more beautiful. Then the application will help you change your face to look slimmer, change your skin color to be brighter. The following article will guide readers to use RAW PIC application to edit photos and videos.

Instructions for using RAW PIC application

Step 1:

You download the application according to the link below and then proceed to install the application as usual. With Android phones, we need to use the APK file.

Step 2:

At the application interface, the user agrees to let RAW PIC access the photo album on the phone. Click Import Photo button to select the image you want to edit in the album on the device. You will now see 4 options to change the image.

Step 3:

To skin color correction then you click item Leather then select the skin editing options in this section.

Step 4:

Sang People Photo section We will have a few customizations as shown below. You can change the face, squeeze the face for a slimmer,.. There are many options to edit different parts of the face for you to change.

Step 5:

Sang Filter section we will have many different effects such as Vivid, Movie, Daily, Landscape,… for you to apply to each different type of photo.

Step 6:

In the next section we click on Edit you will see Sketch, Adjustment, Eraser, and Blur background options. You click on each item to proceed with image editing.

Finally after editing you Click the save icon to download the image down is fine.


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