How to use Microsoft Outlook as an RSS Feed reader

How to use Microsoft Outlook as an RSS Feed reader


2021-04-01 21:53:42

An RSS feed is a type of XML file that helps create a channel to summarize information (feed), so that readers can easily update and find content. For this reason, RSS feeds play a useful role in keeping you informed of new posts on your favorite websites.

If you regularly work with Microsoft Outlook, you can completely set up this email tool to use it as a handy RSS feed reader so you can keep up to date with the latest internet content, and not get distracted. mind at work.

Managing feeds (feeds) in Outlook is easy, and can be done directly from the Outlook desktop application.

RSS feeds on Microsoft Outlook are created in the directory “RSS Subscriptions“.

Please right click on the folder “RSS Subscriptions“This and choose the option”Add a New RSS Feed“.

Select the option “Add a New RSS Feed”

In the window “New RSS FeedPop-up, enter (paste) the feed address of the website or blog you want to track, then click “Add“.


If you are satisfied with the default settings select “Yes“.


In case you want to view or change default settings click on “Advanced“.


This will open the “RSS Feed Options“. You can change the feed name, or the folder location where new posts will be displayed, then click “OK“.


Now select “Yes” to continue.


A new directory to store feeds will be created in the folder “RSS Subscriptions”And Microsoft Outlook will get back to you the latest feeds.

New folder

To delete a feed subscription (subscription), simply right-click on the feed folder and select “Delete Folder“.


You can also categorize downloaded articles into categories, but there will be no notification bells like in dedicated RSS feed readers. If you just want to see your RSS feed quickly and easily, Microsoft Outlook might be the right tool.


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